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News / Europe

Italy relaxes lockdown as number of deaths falls


Italy - the first country in the world to order a nationwide lockdown - is easing some restrictions.

Lockdown restrictions are easing across Europe on Monday as governments move to the next phase of their response to the pandemic.

After eight weeks in lockdown, Italy is finally lifting some of its restrictions. People will be able to visit relatives, parks are reopening, and bars and restaurants can do takeaway. About four million people are expected to go back to work, although face masks will be mandatory at work and on public transport

Small businesses like hairdressers are opening their doors in Spain, though they can only serve customers who have made appointments. Some of the country's islands will loosen restrictions even further, as they have not been as badly affected as the mainland

Zoos, museums, hairdressers and even some schools reopen in Germany, with the youngest students there returning to classrooms first

School leavers go back to class in Austria, and senior exams take place for pupils in Hungary - though schools there remain closed

Poland allows hotels, libraries, museums and shops to reopen, but hairdressers, restaurants and playgrounds remain shut



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