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1 in every 150 people lives under modern slavery: UN report

There are 50 million people trapped in modern slavery, as one in every 150 people are "either forced to work against their will or in a marriage that they were forced into," a UN report revealed on Monday.

The International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Walk Free, an international rights group, jointly released the report named the Global Estimates of Modern Slavery: Forced Labour and Forced Marriage.

The 2021 global estimates showed that much more men, women, and children have been forced to work or marry in the period since the previous estimates released in 2017.

It said 27.6 million people, or 3.5 people in every 1,000 worldwide, are in situations of forced labor.

While women and girls share were 11.8 million, more than 3.3 million children also face forced labor, according to the report.

It said the figure rose by 2.7 million versus the previous report.

Out of the total, Asia and the Pacific host more than half with 15.1 people facing forced labor in the region, while 4.1 million people are forced to work in Europe and Central Asia, 3.8 million in Africa, 3.6 million in the Americas, and 900,000 people in the Arab States.

In proportion to population, however, forced labor is highest in the Arab States with 5.3 per thousand people.

It was followed by Europe and Central Asia with 4.4 per thousand, the Americas, Asia, and the Pacific – both at 3.5 per thousand and Africa with 2.9 per thousand.


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