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160 of 174 wildfires in Turkey now under control

Turkey has successfully contained 160 of 174 wildfires that have emerged since last week, on July 28, according to a Wednesday statement by the country’s Forestry Directorate.

The directorate said in a statement that the wildfires took place in 39 of Turkey’s 81 provinces, adding that the remaining 14 blazes are ongoing in five provinces around southern/southwestern Turkey: Antalya, Mugla, Aydin, Isparta, and Denizli.

The statement said the directorate responded to wildfires in 98 rural areas with 16 firefighting aircraft, nine unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), 51 helicopters, one unmanned helicopter, 850 firefighter trucks and water tankers, 150 construction vehicles, and 5,250 personnel.


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