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1st aid deliveries cross into Gaza’s north since outbreak of conflict

Three aid trucks arrived Friday in the northern Gaza Strip in the first aid deliveries to the north of the Palestinian territory since the outbreak of the conflict on Oct. 7, according to a local source.

“Three trucks loaded with humanitarian aid arrived in Gaza City and northern Gaza Friday noon,” said the source.

The deliveries came as part of a four-day humanitarian pause that includes a prisoner swap and the entry of aid into Gaza.

Gaza’s border authority said 150 aid trucks were allowed into the enclave Friday through the Rafah crossing with Egypt.

The Israeli army said it allowed the entry of eight trucks of gasoline through the Rafah terminal as part of a humanitarian pause agreement.

The pause deal allows the entry of 200 aid trucks and four fuel tankers daily to all areas of the Gaza Strip, according to the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas.

Under a 16-year Israeli blockade on Gaza, 500 trucks of goods, including 45 fuel trucks used to enter Gaza daily. But that all stopped since the outbreak of fighting on Oct. 7, leaving Gaza with a severe shortage of basic commodities, including badly needed fuel for hospitals.

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