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2022 showed Russia 'who cannot be trusted,' says foreign minister

The past year has revealed to Russia which countries and actors are "negotiable" and which "cannot be trusted," the country's foreign minister said on Sunday.

"The situation has finally and irrevocably cleared up ... who is negotiable, and who cannot be trusted from now on," Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with broadcaster Rossiya-1.

Lavrov added that the past year helped clarify the "intentions and plans" of countries in the international arena.

Russia has been hit with successive waves of international sanctions since the beginning of the war in Ukraine earlier this year, including travel and trade restrictions, asset freezes, and a price cap on its oil exports.

On Dec. 1, US President Joe Biden said he was willing to talk with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin if there was a sincere interest to end the conflict, which started in February.


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