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3 protesters killed, 20 wounded in gunfire during Lebanon demonstration

At least three Lebanese protesters were killed and 20 others wounded in gunfire during a protest supporting Hezbollah and the Amal Movement in Beirut, state-run media said on Thursday.

Hundreds of supporters of the two Shia groups were demonstrating against a court decision refusing a petition that demanded the dismissal of judicial investigator Tarek Bitar, who is handling the 2020 Beirut port probe.

Secretary-General of Hezbollah Hassan Nasrallah has accused Bitar to be biased, saying his work "involves political targeting and has nothing to do with justice."

The Lebanese army said the protesters were attacked while heading to the Palais de Justice.

In a statement, it requested civilians to vacate the area and warned that it will shoot any armed individuals.

An explosion rocked Beirut’s port in August 2020, killing over 200 people besides causing massive damage, further weakening Lebanon’s already fragile economy.


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