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6 people killed in nightclub fire in Spanish city of Murcia

A fire broke out in a nightclub in the Spanish city of Murcia early Sunday morning, killing at least six people.

Local emergency services say the fire erupted in the Teatre nightclub at around 6 a.m. local time (0400GMT). Firefighters took around three hours to completely extinguish the blaze.

Once they began going through the building, they found six corpses. They say they still may find more victims as others who were thought to be in the nightclub at the time of the fire are still missing.

Four people, two women in their 20s and two men in their 40s, were also treated for smoke inhalation.

Teatre is a popular nightclub in the southeastern Spanish city.

“We are destroyed,” the mayor of Murcia Jose Ballesta told Spanish broadcaster TVE.

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.


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