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Actors call for social cohesion through theater in Cameroon

Cameroonian artists have shared their theatrical experiences in promoting social cohesion as World Theatre Day is celebrated on March 27.

"The theater contributes to social cohesion in Cameroon. A comedy show brings together an audience from all social classes. This audience laughs at the jokes that affect all social strata. The comedian, in writing a sketch, is also concerned with making people laugh and bringing together all social strata," comedian Franck Amana explained to Anadolu Agency.

Like him, Sylvanie Njeng, an artist since 2018, perceives the theater as the mirror of society and social cohesion is found through the majority of interactions between actors who sometimes embody opposing or complementary social entities.

"It is an opportunity but we cannot reduce it to that because it depends on the sensitivity of everyone," she said.

In the quest of "living together," as an artist, she considers herself a small part of a big machine playing the role that is assigned to her and hoping that it suits everyone.

The young woman thinks there should be a real will to develop social cohesion and not limit it to a fashion effect. For this, she observed a strong artistic potential in Cameroon which still requires practical training, funding and popularization among the public.

Her compatriot and colleague Stephane Dipita also perceives the theater as a total art through which actors, nationally and internationally, take an autopsy of Cameroonian society plagued by various social, economic, moral, and existential ills.

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