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Afcon Cameroon 2022: Playing football in the shadow of a rebellion

A group of would-be footballers sweat and shine in their kickabout in the late afternoon heat, their boots spraying up little clouds of dust as they run.

They play a stone's throw away from the mesmerising waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and in the shadow of the triangular peak of Mount Cameroon.

They are palpably excited that their town, Limbe, is hosting matches at the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon). The continent's showcase international football tournament gets under way on Sunday.

"It's a great pleasure of us Cameroonians. It will be a pleasure to welcome people from other countries for this great tournament," says Erik.

Frederick, who plays as a goalkeeper for one of the best teams in Limbe, says he cannot wait to catch a glimpse of Premier League stars like Egypt's Mohamed Salah and Senegal's Sadio Mane.

Until now he has only been able to watch them on television.


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