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Ambassador Bridge: Canada court orders end to trucker blockade

Protesters are still occupying a main crossing at Canada's border with the United States, despite a court ruling ordering them to leave.

The injunction came into effect at 19:00 local time (midnight GMT) on Friday to end days of protests.

Truckers are blockading Ambassador Bridge, a vital trade link between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.

Truckers' protests against Covid restrictions are also ongoing at other border crossings and in Ottawa.

The injunction was filed by the city of Windsor and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, which argued that they were losing as much as $50m ($39m; £29m) per day because of the convoy.

Following the court order, Windsor Police put out a statement to "make demonstrators clearly aware that it is a criminal offence" to block the border crossing. The police added that a criminal conviction could lead to the seizure of vehicles and the inability to enter the US.

But hours later, crowds of people waving Canadian flags flouted the order and continued to occupy the bridge.


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