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Angelina Jolie decries global injustice, how some groups have rights and others have none

Hollywood actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie decried how justice is sought for one group of people, but not for other groups, something she said is present "even in the UN."

Speaking with Syrian journalist and filmmaker Waad Al Kateab, Jolie said that 20 years ago, when she began working internationally, she had a notion of “good guys,” whether they were specific countries or individuals, but later experience has told her that that’s simply not true.

Stressing that human rights are not equally spread around the world, she said “human rights (are) sometimes for these (some) people ... (but) never for these (other) people."

The reality is that the world operates based on "business interests," said Jolie, a former UN goodwill ambassador and later special envoy until last year, calling this an "ugly state" of affairs.

She said that she found this "disheartening" and "upsetting," especially "as someone who has witnessed war crimes firsthand."

Governments, politicians, and decision-makers make promises and declarations, but these often lead to "nothing changed and nothing different," she said.

She noted that though people were often raised with the idea that "colonialism ended," the control and abuse of developing countries still persists.

"The attitudes, the control and abuse of developing countries is maybe worse than ever in the grab for resources ... The business interests (are) set even in the United Nations, who has the final veto power. It's always been that way," she added.

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