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Anti-health measures protests intensify in France

Protests intensified across France on Saturday against mandatory requirements of a coronavirus health pass in public eating places and long-distance transport as well as vaccines for health care workers.

At least 198 demonstrations took place in various cities and towns with a record of more than 237,000 protestors, two days before the provisions of a new health bill are set to take effect, as per information from the Interior Ministry, according to France Televisions.

Thirty-five people were arrested for disturbing the public order in which seven policemen were injured in clashes and tensions with the protestors, said the ministry.

Protesters came out in large numbers for a fourth straight week even as most parts experienced heavy rainfall and bad weather after the Constitutional Council largely upheld the bill passed by parliament.

Lawmakers contended that certain provisions of the bill tabled by the Macron administration to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic following rising cases of the contagious delta variant and prevent further lockdowns were infringing upon the general freedom of the French.


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