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Armenian premier’s party wins parliamentary vote: Unofficial results

The party of Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan won the early parliamentary polls with 53.92% of the votes, according to preliminary results on Monday.

Unofficial results announced by the Central Electoral Commission of Armenia showed that Pashinyan’s Civil Contract Party came first in the election held on Sunday.

Former President Robert Kocharian’s party Armenian Alliance came second with 21.1% of the votes.

According to the results, Pashinyan’s party lacks 0.08% to reach 54% threshold to form the government by itself.

However, the electoral body’s chairman Tigran Mukuchyan told reporters that the Civil Contract Party can form the government.

According to the election law in Armenia, the votes of the parties that failed to pass the threshold and failed to enter the parliament are distributed among the parties that succeeded in entering parliament.

“The latest official results of the election will be announced seven days later,” Mukuchyan said.

The I Have Honor Alliance, supported by the former President and Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, gained 5.23% of the votes and entered the parliament.

The voter turnout in the election was 49.4%, according to the commission.


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