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Australia fires: Dreaded bushfire season turns deadly

Australia's most serious bushfire season since its so-called "Black Summer" has turned fatal.

As more than 100 fires burned across the country on Thursday, Queensland officials said two people have died in major blazes near the town of Tara.

Two people also died fighting fires in New South Wales (NSW) last week.

Authorities have for months warned a cocktail of conditions means this bushfire season will be extremely dangerous.

In a briefing, the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said about 350 people had been evacuated from the Tara region, where an out-of-control fire has so far burned through more than 11,000 hectares of land and destroyed 16 homes.

They said a man died on Tuesday night while trying to protect his property, and a woman died on Wednesday after suffering a cardiac arrest while preparing to evacuate.


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