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Barbie banned in Kuwait as Lebanon urges action

The Barbie film has been banned in Kuwait and faces calls for a ban in Lebanon amid criticism in the Arab world of the movie's social values.

Kuwait acted to protect "public ethics", the state news agency said. Lebanon's culture minister accused the film of "promoting homosexuality".

The blockbuster is however being shown in conservative countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia.

The film has grossed over $1bn worldwide within weeks of its release.

Lafi al-Subaiei, the head of Kuwait's board of film classification, said that usually the board asks for movie scenes deemed to flout his country's culture to be cut.

But when they promote behaviour the state thinks is unacceptable, they are banned outright.

The film "promulgate[s] ideas and beliefs that are alien to Kuwaiti society and public order", a spokesman for the Kuwaiti Ministry of Information said.

On Wednesday, the Lebanese Culture Minister Mohammad Mortada asked the interior ministry to "take all necessary measures to ban" Barbie.

He said the film "promotes homosexuality and transsexuality… supports rejecting a father's guardianship, undermines and ridicules the role of the mother, and questions the necessity of marriage and having a family".


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