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Brazil rains: Minas Gerais hit by deadly landslides and floods

Landslides and flooding caused by torrential rains have killed at least 15 people in south-eastern Brazil, officials say.

The victims died between Sunday and Tuesday in Minas Gerais state, where rivers have overflowed, leaving towns partially submerged.

More than 28,000 people have had to leave their homes.

Authorities are monitoring dams that could burst, as more downpours could affect the hardest-hit areas.

Five people from the same family, two of them children, were found buried on a hillside near the state capital, Belo Horizonte. In the city of São Gonçalo do Rio Abaixo, an 11-year-old girl was killed when a wall collapsed on her bedroom as she was sleeping.

Two other deaths were reported in the city of Caratinga, including a 41-year-old man who was killed when his car fell into a river while he tried to cross a bridge. In Perdigão, two women, 55 and 79, died when the car they were in was dragged away by floods.

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