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Brazil’s Pele back to hospital for treatment

Pelé is back to hospital in Brazil, where he is set to undergo his colon tumor treatment, initiated in September, when the three-times World Soccer Cup winner spent nearly a month after removing the tumor.

According to a note from Sao Paulo’s Israelite Hospital Albert Einstein, where Pelé was treated and admitted on Wednesday, the 81-year-old is set to “continue” his treatment. The hospital did not elaborate further on the treatment, but said Pelé should be discharged “within the next few days”.

The hospital also said the internationally recognized once soccer player was in stable condition.

At the time of his September hospitalization, doctors said Pelé would need to undergo chemotherapy as part of his treatment. The tumor was found during routine exams in late August.

Last Tuesday, the press office of the soccer legend said he was examined in the hospital.

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