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Bulgaria to hold early general elections on Nov. 14

The Bulgarian president on Wednesday announced early parliamentary elections on Nov. 14 as the last polls failed to form a government.

Earlier, the parliament had decided to hold the presidential elections on the same date.

Rumen Radev also replaced three ministers in the provisional technocrat government he established after the July 11 general elections.

Prime Minister Stefan Yanev will continue to serve in the government consisting of 18 ministers, and will be tasked to prepare for the early elections.

Daniela Vezieva will replace Economy Minister Kiril Petkov, while Valeri Belchev will come in place of Finance Minister Asen Vasilev. Transport Minister Georgi Todorov will be replaced by Hristo Aleksiev.

Yanev said the main task of his government is “to hold honest and transparent elections."

If there is no definite result in the first round of the presidential election, in which Radev will also be a candidate, a second round will be held on Nov. 21.


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