Cameroonian invents atypical larvicide to fight malaria

Agnes Antoinette Ntoumba is a researcher from Cameroon which carries the high burden of malaria. She is also an inventor of an atypical larvicide developed from plants to fight the deadly disease in the continent.

"In Africa, we have the advantage of a varied and diversified flora. Not all plants react to this process, but the majority do. The ones we use are in our daily environment," she said.

Surrounding plants and leaves from trees, which she keeps secret, are the ingredients she uses to make her mosquito larvae killer. But what makes this project special is the nanotechnology.

This is "an asset" because nanoparticles are currently involved in all areas of science but have not always been associated with plants, the Cameroonian researcher told Anadolu Agency in confiding the features of her solution.

Used differently from insecticides, which the researcher finds infective and harmful to the environment and human health, this larvicide is made to destroy the larvae of mosquitoes that cause malaria.

As a doctoral student in science, Ntoumba started research on this solut