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Covid: Sydney reveals plan to end months-long lockdown

Australia's biggest city Sydney is likely to ease out of lockdown from next month, provided a vaccination threshold is reached.

The New South Wales (NSW) state capital has been in lockdown since July due to a Delta variant outbreak.

The state government released its much-anticipated "roadmap to freedom" on Thursday.

It sets out new freedoms for people once 70% of adults in the state have had two vaccine doses.

NSW recorded over 1,400 new infections on Thursday, another daily record. Its outbreak has claimed 153 lives.

But Premier Gladys Berejiklian has stressed people must adjust to having the virus in the community once a majority of society is vaccinated.

She declined to nominate a date for reopening but said it would occur on the first Monday after reaching the 70% target.

Nearly 43% of her state's adults are fully vaccinated and 75% have had a first dose, meaning the threshold is likely to be reached next month.

At that point, shops and restaurants will be able to reopen with customer limits. Ms Berejiklian did name a date for reopening schools - 25 October.


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