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Czech Republic MPs vote to tighten gun laws

MPs in the Czech Republic have approved an amendment tightening gun legislation, a month after the worst mass shooting in the country's history.

The amendment - which was proposed before the killings - must still pass through the senate and be signed by the president, and will not come into force until 2026.

It's far from revolutionary. So would it even have made a difference?

When a 24-year-old graduate student with a history of depression shot dead 14 people at Charles University in December, he did so as a licenced gun user with eight legally-owned weapons.

Police believe his victims - students and staff - were killed with a pistol, but the shooter was also carrying an AR-10 semi-automatic assault rifle.

That gun became a symbol of the attack when he was captured on video with it, roaming the balustrade of the Arts Faculty and taking potshots at passers-by, injuring several.

Moments later he threw the rifle down to the cobbled pavement and turned yet another weapon - a shotgun - on himself.

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