Debates continue to rage over effectiveness of air defense systems

Questions persist over which air defense system is more capable of fulfilling a country’s national security objectives, with the Russian S-400, US Patriot, and Israeli Iron Dome systems the focus of the ongoing debates.

Although several countries trust these systems, especially those located in conflict zones, some conditions bring their reliability up for discussion.

Israel's Iron Dome system, which has fallen short of blocking missiles from Palestine, is frequently discussed, while the Patriot air defense system has become a hot topic due to its failure to stop attacks by Houthi rebels against Saudi Arabia using inferior missiles.

The Saudi-led coalition has long been battling the Houthis, and despite Riyadh spending billions of dollars in recent years building six battalions of US-made Patriot surface-to-air missiles as well as associated radars, they could not stop recent attacks by the rebels.