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Denmark calls for closer EU-Türkiye cooperation after quakes

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen has called for closer cooperation between the EU and Türkiye following the deadly earthquakes.

“We, alongside many other European countries, have decided to support Turkey with humanitarian aid. This is time you should prove your friendship,” Rasmussen told Anadolu on Saturday during the Munich Security Conference.

The top Danish diplomat said besides stepping up humanitarian relief for the earthquake victims, the EU should also take into account possible long-term implications of this disaster.

“First of all, right now, it’s about stepping up, and deliver aid through channels like Red Cross and other NGOs,” Rasmussen said.

“And then of course there will be the aftermath, these have implications for Turkey in the long term,” he continued.

“For that, we need close cooperation. We have to ensure that we have close relations in terms of trade and investments, in order to make it possible for Turkey to regain the losses.”

Rasmussen said EU foreign ministers will discuss the issue on Monday, and he expressed support for EU term president Sweden’s efforts.

“On a bilateral basis Sweden is supporting Turkey, but also organizing joint effort among European countries, so we have to take stock on that Monday, and I’ll wait (for) the initiative from the Swedish presidency,” he said.


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