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DR Congo conflict: Hiding on top of a hill to escape the rebels

Tens of thousands of displaced people have gathered for safety on a remote hilltop in Ituri province in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

They are seeking refuge from the persistent, violent attacks that have ravaged the region for decades.

Amidst the chaos are children who have been orphaned, forced from their homes, and made to witness horrific events.

Among those living in the hillside camp is a 14-year-old boy who arrived there alone after fleeing an attack. We're calling him Blukwa to protect his identity.

Blukwa and his family had already run away from his home twice when an armed group attacked the camp they were living in.

"I was playing with my friends and I didn't know where my parents had fled," he said.

When the attack began, he and a friend ran to find safety, but his friend fell behind and was caught and brutally killed.

"I continued to run alone," he said.

That attack left at least 12 dead, including six children.

After the attack, Blukwa made his way to the hillside camp alone.

He lived for weeks with another displaced family who took him in, until he was reunited with his family.


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