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Dutch election: Voters choose new leaders in neck-and-neck race

Four parties have emerged as front-runners as Dutch voters are deciding who will lead their country into a new political era.

The polls suggest a neck-and-neck race and voting ends at 21:00 (20:00GMT).

Centre-right leader Dilan Yesilgöz is tipped to win and become the first female Dutch prime minister.

Her closest rivals are anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders and a left-alliance led by former top-ranking EU commissioner Frans Timmermans.

More than 13 million Dutch voters have a choice of 26 parties in Wednesday's vote, and as many as 17 could win seats.

European eyes are watching this election closely, after 13 years of governments under Mark Rutte. The biggest party could end up with less than 20% of the national vote and fewer than 30 seats in the 150-seat parliament, unprecedented in Dutch politics.


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