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Ethiopia pledges to airlift humanitarian supplies to Tigray

Ethiopia announced Monday that it has decided to airlift medical and food supplies to its northern Tigray region as deliveries via the town of Abala are blocked due to renewed fighting between Tigray rebels and security forces.

Abala is a small town in the country’s Afar region serving as a land route to Tigray through which humanitarian supplies to the region had passed since the year-long conflict.

On Monday, the Afar regional government accused Tigray rebels of launching attacks against the region on multiple fronts, adding fighting was still raging.

Getachew Reda, the spokesman for the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), admitted that fighting was going on in Abala but denied that the TPLF had launched it.

“The most farcical part of the story is that the so-called Abaala conflict was launched by the Afarforces & their Eritrean partners,” Reda tweeted.

According to a statement by the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over the last six months, the Ethiopian government and its partners had joined hands and delivered humanitarian assistance worth 1.48 billion birr ($29.8 million).


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