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EU concerned over Polish law allowing migrant pushbacks at border

The European Union is concerned about a new Polish law allowing border guards to immediately expel migrants who cross the border illegally.

In her speech Wednesday at the European Parliament plenary debate on pushbacks at the EU external border, EU Commissioner Ylva Johansson said “reports suggest that the proposal in the amended Polish Aliens law to give border guards autonomy to grant access to an asylum procedure or not is already in practice on the ground."

“My services are in discussion with the Polish authorities on its compliance with the EU acquis.”

New tensions arose with the decision of the Polish Constitutional Court on Oct. 7 following ongoing rule of law discussions between Warsaw and Brussels.

The court announced its decision that the country's national laws take precedence over some EU legislation.

Poland's practices on issues such as the rule of law, freedom of the press and judicial independence have been criticized within the EU in recent years.

The rule of law clash between Poland and the EU will be on the agenda of the EU leaders’ summit on Thursday at the request of some countries.


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