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Families of Sandy Hook victims settle with Remington

A company that made a rifle used in one of the US's deadliest school shootings has settled with the families of victims for $73m (£53.9m).

The settlement from Remington Arms comes in response to a lawsuit brought by the families of nine of 26 victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.

The case marks the first time a gun-maker has faced liability for a mass shooting.

Until now, the industry had immunity from litigation.

Each family will receive a share of the settlement, but other details of the deal were not disclosed.

Josh Koskoff, a lawyer representing the families of victims, said they were delighted by the outcome because their focus was on "preventing the next Sandy Hook".

"Our loss is irreversible, in the sense this outcome is neither redemptive nor restorative," Lenny Pozner and Veronique De la Rosa, whose six-year-old son Noah was killed, wrote in testimony released after the settlement.

"What is lost remains lost," they added. "However, the resolution does provide a measure of accountability in an industry that has thus far operated with impunity."


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