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Ferdinand Marcos Jr. wins presidential elections in Philippines: Preliminary results

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has won the Philippines’ presidential elections, local media reported Monday, citing preliminary results.

Marcos, heir apparent to the political dynasty of the late Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines for over 30 years, got over 29.6 million votes as of the latest count, with closest rival Leni Robredo far behind with 14.1 million, The Manila Times reported.

He expressed gratitude to the supporters who helped him over the last six months.

"Any endeavor as large as this does not involve (just) one person," Marcos said in his first public remarks following preliminary results.

“It involves very, very many people working in very, very many different ways, and to all of them, I thank you.”

A record 67 million Filipinos were registered to vote in the general elections, also casting ballots for legislators, senators, and local administrators, along with the president and vice president.

Ballot counting started soon after polling stations closed on Monday.

When the vote is confirmed, the six-year term of outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte is also set to come to an end.


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