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Finland’s European affairs minister calls for swift NATO membership

Finland's European affairs minister called for "swift" NATO membership on Friday, adding it is in the best interests of all parties.

Speaking to French news outlet France24, Tytti Tuppurainen noted that others see Finland as a part of the West.

Mentioning that Finland does not yet have Article 5 security guarantees, she said NATO accession should be completed as quickly as possible.

"This is a grey zone and I think it is in the best interests of all parties to keep that grey zone as short as possible, so we really appeal for swift adoption of our accession treaties," said Tuppurainen.

In response to a question about if Finland sees a specific risk of an attack on her country by Russia, she said Helsinki has prepared for "all kinds of malevolence" from Russia.

"Yes, we have seen the true face of President (Vladimir) Putin, he has been able to start a war in Europe, a traditional, full-scale war in Ukraine. We have to take that seriously," she said.

She said this is the "perfect momentum" for Finland to apply for NATO membership.

"This is our choice, our national decision and Russia has to adapt to it," she said, referring to the Kremlin’s initial reaction to Finland’s decision to apply for NATO membership.

Tuppurainen said fighting terrorism is also important for Finland, in response to a question about Turkiye's attitude to Finland and Sweden's membership bid.

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