Fires continue to rage across Argentina

Forest fires continue to rage across Argentina, with high temperatures and winds helping them to spread, authorities said Wednesday.

According to the National Fire Management Service (SNMF), the provinces of Corrientes, Córdoba, Misiones and Río Negro have active fires.

But authorities said they have managed to control some outbreaks across the country.

In recent weeks, the South American nation has been hit by drought and an extreme heat wave, creating challenging conditions for firefighters to extinguish the fires.

According to authorities, a fire also remains active in Ituzaingó in the north of Corrientes province which borders parts of Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Fires in the town of Aristóbulo del Valle in the northern province of Misiones also remain active alongside those in the southern province of Río Negro and the area of Bariloche which began on Dec. 7 following a lightning strike as well as fires in the department of Independencia in Córdoba.

Authorities said some fires in the northern province of Santa Fe have been contained.

But they said there are fire outbreaks in the provinces of Santa Fe, Jujuy, Salta, Neuquén, San Luís, Tierra del Fuego, Formosa, Catamarca and Chaco.

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