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Five rail workers killed in Italy after being hit by train

At least five people have died after a train hit railway workers at high speed close to a station in Italy.

The workers, aged between 22 and 52, were replacing part of a track outside the northern city of Turin when they were killed.

They had been working on the line between Turin and Milan when the empty passenger train went through Brandizzo station at a reported 160km/h (100mph).

Mayor Paolo Bodoni told Italian media an investigation was under way.

Two workers survived unscathed but were taken to hospital for observation. The train driver was treated at the scene for shock but later sent home. He is expected to be questioned later about the accident.

In a statement, Italian railway network (RFI) expressed its "deep sorrow" for the incident. It also sent its "deep condolences" to the families of those who died.


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