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Flash floods kill 50 in Afghanistan

At least 50 people were killed after flash floods hit several parts of Afghanistan on Friday.

The floods hit at least two provinces in the north and northeastern parts of the country, causing heavy damage, local media reported.

Hedayatullah Hamdard, head of the Natural Disaster Department in northern Baghlan province, told Kabul-based Tolo News: “Floods in the districts of Burka, Nahreen, and Central Baghlan have claimed the lives of 50 people so far.”

Mohammad Akram Akbari, head of the Natural Disaster Department in northeastern Badakhshan province, said the floods hit districts of Tashkan, Yawan, and Tagab which “caused significant financial damage to the people of the province.”

Akbari added: “The communication route from Tashkan district to the center of Badakhshan has also been blocked due to the floods.”


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