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FM Lavrov says Russia does not want war with Ukraine

Amid heightened tensions, the Russia foreign minister said on Friday that Moscow does not want a war with Ukraine but will not allow its interests to be hurt.

“If it depends on the Russian Federation, there will be no war. We do not want wars, but we will not allow our interests to be rudely attacked, we will not allow our interests to be ignored,” Sergey Lavrov said in an interview with four Russian radio stations.

He said discussions with the US continue, and within two weeks there will be a new Russian-American meeting.

Speaking about the US response to Russian proposal on security guarantees, Lavrov said Washington mostly cited Russia’s earlier proposals, including moratorium on the deployment of intermediate- and shorter-range missiles in Europe, withdrawing military drills from each other's borders, and establishing a military hotline.

The top diplomat said the US response is “an example of diplomacy,” compared to “arrogant and ideologically biased” NATO document, for which he was “even ashamed.”


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