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France's 18-year-olds given €300 culture pass

France's new culture pass for 18-year-olds has had a trial run in 14 areas of France and now it is going national.

Some 800,000 teenagers a year can now look forward to downloading an app and getting €300 (£260; $365).

The pass can be used for tickets to the cinema, museum and theatre, or to buy books, art materials, dance courses and instruments or an online subscription.

Cinemas and museums reopened this week but the pass is not linked to recovery from the Covid pandemic.

Emmanuel Macron, who made the culture pass one of the promises of his 2017 presidential campaign, announced the move in a 30-second TikTok and Instagram video. Reeling off a possible list of movies, museums, novels, manga, video games, rap music and metal, he said: "To take advantage of it, go to the 'culture pass' app - and it's up to you."


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