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France's Macron faces protest during speech in Netherlands

During a Tuesday speech in the Netherlands, French President Emmanuel Macron faced angry jeering from a group of protesters, according to local media.

The Dutch News said that while Macron was outlining his vision for the future of Europe at the Nexus Institute at The Hague, protesters unfurled a banner reading "President of violence and hypocrisy" and shouted out, "Where is French democracy? Where did we lose it?"

A major source of their anger was a controversial French pension reform bill, recently passed by an end-run maneuver that bypassed a parliamentary vote, and police violence against demonstrators protesting the measure.

"You have millions of people in the streets, conventions of climate have been put aside, what can you say when you talk about Europe?" one protester shouted out.

As the demonstrators interrupted his speech, Macron tried to respond but he was drowned out. Security guards took the protesters out of the lecture hall by force.

Once the protesters had been removed, Macron resumed his speech, stating: "It is very important to debate."


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