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French, German leaders reaffirm need for swift cease-fire in Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron German and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Monday reiterated the need for a speedy cease-fire in the Russia-Ukraine war.

“What we want to achieve is a cease-fire, and this as soon as possible. We are doing everything to reach this cease-fire,” Macron told a press conference alongside Scholz in Berlin.

Only a cease-fire will enable progress on negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, he added.

Preventing the war from spreading in Europe is a must, warned Macron.

Macron stressed the ultimate goal in ending the conflict is to secure “peace and a permanent withdrawal of Russian troops” from Ukraine.

The French president said earlier Monday in Strasbourg, where the European Parliament is based, that Russia must not be “humiliated” in any peace deal.

For his part, Scholz said Moscow could “not dictate” a peace agreement to Kyiv.

He urged “progress in the negotiations” between the Russian and Ukrainian sides.

This war must be ended, Scholz added, reiterating that Russia is responsible for what he called “the war of aggression.”

Scholz stressed that the "appalling war of aggression" is uniting the European partners, adding that it is important to act together.


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