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French President Emmanuel Macron wins second term in office

Emmanuel Macron has won his second term as French president, according to exit polls on Sunday’s run-off election.

Macron, the candidate of his La République En Marche! has received 58.2% of the total votes in the election with the lowest ever turnout since 1969.

The candidate of the far-right RN (National Assembly), Marine Le Pen, received 41.8 % of the votes, the highest in her last three unsuccessful presidential bids.

With the Sunday’s result, Macron has become the third ever French president who won two consecutive terms, following Jacque Chirac and Francois Mitterrand.

According to the exit polls by Franceinfo, an estimate of 28.2% of the electorate did not cast their votes.

The official results of the final round of presidential election will be released on April 27.


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