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Fuming at defeat, Trump calls US 'third world nation'

US President Donald Trump claimed again Monday that the election he lost to President-elect Joe Biden was stolen, calling the US "a third world nation."

Trump, his political allies and his legal team have repeatedly claimed widespread voter fraud was to blame for the president's resounding loss, but none have produced an iota of meaningful evidence to back the suggestion.

The president repeated the charge at the White House while addressing reporters, saying he believes the Nov. 3 poll was "rigged."

"It's a disgrace to our country. It's like a third world country, these ballots pouring in from everywhere, using machinery that nobody knows ownership nobody knows anything about," he said. "This was like from a third world nation and I think the case has been made. And now we find out what we can do about it. You'll see a lot of big things happening over the next couple of days."

The president has repeatedly promised to bring forth evidence that would prove his claims, but at each juncture has failed to follow through. In the interim he has continued to sow doubt over his loss even as election officials have received death threats and other forms of intimidation by those who believe the outgoing president is correct.

Trump was dealt his latest legal defeat earlier Monday when a federal judge in Michigan rejected an effort from some Michigan Republicans to de-certify the state's results.


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