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Future EU leaders need to decide on Türkiye’s membership application: Borrell

The European Union foreign policy chief said Friday that the bloc’s future leaders will need to decide on Türkiye’s application to become a member, as the current stalemate is no longer tenable.

“EU Council leaders will have to say what kind of relationship we want to have (with Türkiye),” Josep Borrell said at a conference on European affairs in Florence that was organized by the European University Institute.

He said that Türkiye feels that the bloc is no longer interested in having it as a member after years in which the accession process has stalled.

“That’s what they believe,” he said. “And they are looking for a decision on our side.”

“We cannot continue … like this, because more and more, Türkiye is taking another direction not converging with our values,” he said.


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