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Germany alarmed over tensions between Lebanon, Gulf states

Germany Friday voiced concerned about the ongoing tensions between Lebanon and several Gulf states over critical remarks by a Lebanese minister regarding the Saudi military campaign in Yemen.

"We are also following the situation in Lebanon and the tensions in relation to a number of countries in the Gulf region with great concern. We are also looking to talk to our partners, and our minister of state was in the Gulf region in the past few days," Christofer Burger, deputy spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said at a weekly news conference in Berlin.

"We appeal to all sides to exercise restraint, especially in the current worrying situation in Lebanon. It is not helpful if tensions here intensify," he added.

Tensions mounted following the release of statements by Lebanon's Information Minister George Kordahi on the war in Yemen.

Before his appointment as a minister on Sept. 20, Kordahi reportedly said in a TV show recorded in August and broadcast on Oct. 25 that the Houthis in Yemen were defending their country against an external aggression, referring to the Saudi-led military coalition.

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