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Germany should be ready for leading military role in Europe: Defense minister

Germany should be ready to take on a leading military role for peace in Europe, Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said on Monday.

In a keynote speech at the German Council on Foreign Relations, Lambrecht outlined the government’s plan to develop a new security strategy to address current and foreseeable challenges.

“Germany’s size, its geographical position, its economic strength, makes us a leading power, whether we want it or not. This is also the case for a military role,” she said, arguing that the country should abandon its reluctant approach.

“If we want to live in peace and freedom in the future, we must change the course now,” she stressed.

Lambrecht admitted that three is widespread skepticism about the military due to Germany’s Nazi past, but argued that today’s German armed forces are completely different.

“Germany is a democracy with peaceful aspirations. German military is part of our society, it’s committed to free, democratic order,” she stressed.

The minister underlined that Russia’s war on Ukraine has brought about a historic geopolitical shift.

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