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Germany under pressure to explain intercepted phone call

Germany is scrambling to explain how a conversation of air force officials discussing giving Ukraine long-range missiles was leaked by Russian sources.

Last week, Russia's state-run RT channel posted an audio recording of the meeting.

The officers can be heard discussing how the missiles could hit the Kerch Bridge, which links Russia to Crimea.

The breach has sparked major concerns about Germany's security among allies.

In the recording, four senior German military officers, including Air Force chief Ingo Gerhartz and Brig Gen Frank Gräfe, are heard discussing the prospect of supplying Ukraine with Taurus cruise missiles.

The men also discuss details of alleged British operations on the ground in Ukraine.

Tobias Ellwood, a UK member of parliament and former chairman of the Commons Defence Committee, told the BBC that the leak was "worrying on a number of levels".


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