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Globally 70,000 km gas pipeline under construction for $194B

Natural gas pipelines spanning 70,000 kilometers are under construction worldwide at a cost of around $194 billion.

According to data from the "Global gas pipeline expansion" report by Global Energy Monitor (GEM), a San Francisco-based think tank, most of the ongoing natural gas pipeline construction is based in Asia.

According to GEM data, 83% of the natural gas pipelines under construction are being built in Asia at a cost of $117.2 billion.

In Asia, China and India lead the way as they seek to switch from coal to natural gas and have more extensive connections.

Pakistan also continues to build pipelines as it focuses on increasing its natural gas import capacity.

The length of pipelines under construction increased by 18% by the end of 2023 compared to the previous year.

The length of pipelines under construction in Asia totals 57,600 kilometers. Also, Europe has 5,600 kilometers under construction, followed by 4,700 kilometers in the Americas and 1,800 kilometers in Africa.

The top 10 countries with the most pipelines under construction include China, India, Iran, Russia, Pakistan, the US, Nigeria, Italy, Argentina and Canada.

In China, 30,300 kilometers of pipelines are being built in 150 projects. In addition to the Xinjiang pipeline, the Chaohu-Jiangbei and Hefei Lubei-Chizhou Maya natural gas pipelines are being built in the country.

Russia has 2,900 kilometers of pipelines under construction for $8.2 billion. The expansion, spearheaded by state-owned Gazprom, is driven by the goal of better-connected domestic transmission as well as increased pipeline and onshore LNG terminal export capacity.


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