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Greek floods: PM Mitsotakis warns of very unequal battle with nature

Rescuers in central Greece are trying to reach hundreds of people trapped by floods that have left villages submerged and 10 people dead.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has said Greeks face "a very unequal battle" with nature.

Rivers have burst their banks, while homes and bridges have been swept away after days of torrential rain.

Residents in villages around Palamas and Karditsa have appealed for food and water.

After weeks of scorching temperatures and wildfires, the plains of Thessaly have been deluged by a three-day storm.

Up to 800mm (31.5in) of rain fell in 24 hours - more than a year's worth of rainfall - inundating the flat terrain in central Greece.

The latest city to come under threat is Larissa, home to 150,000 people, where the River Pineios has burst its banks in some suburbs.

It's one of the biggest cities in Greece and the agricultural hub for the whole country. But nearly a quarter of this year's crop production has been lost.

It will take years for the land to be fertile again. Where the water has receded, a thick layer of mud has been left behind.

Satellite images have shown almost 73,000 sq m of land in Thessaly has been flooded.


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