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Greek intel service suspects army chief of buying home with 'black money,' claims local media

The head of the Greek army allegedly used illicit funds to buy a house in the country's capital Athens, according to local media reports on Monday.

The National Intelligence Service (EYP) found that Chief of General Staff Gen. Konstantinos Floros allegedly paid just €600,000 ($650,000) in "black" money for the luxury penthouse with a market value of €1.2 million in 2021, the daily Documento alleged in its continued coverage of a surveillance scandal that erupted last summer and has shaken the country's political scene.

While the newspaper found that property appeared to have been purchased not in Floros' name, but in his son in law's, it said that the EYP suspected him of securing illegal funds without providing evidence for the allegation.

"The very fact of monitoring the chief of staff, with an object of interest not for any security reason but to gather information about his life," alone caused concern about the functioning of democracy, the daily stressed.

It also claimed that the government blackmailed Floros over his "dark financial transactions."


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