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Growing US military presence in Greece can lead to undesired scenarios in Aegean, experts warn

With the ratification of the Greek-American Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement (MDCA) by the Greek parliament on May 13, the US has gained access to three military bases in Greece, in addition to the one it is already operating.

Apart from the naval base in Souda Bay in Crete which the US has been operating since 1969, MDCA will permit the US military to use Georgula Barracks in Greece's central province of Volos, Litochoro Training Ground, and army barracks in the northeastern port city of Alexandroupoli.

The Greek government has said that the agreement should be seen as an indicator of Greece’s elevated role in Washington.

However, experts have warned that the growing US presence in Greece can lead to undesired scenarios in the Aegean region.

Bakeer, furthermore, claimed that if things escalate between Athens and Ankara, the US would not come to the rescue of Greece as some might wrongfully believe.

Touching upon the significance of Turkiye in the transatlantic security architecture, he underlined that the country, which has the second largest armed forces in NATO after the US, recently proved its value and capabilities in Syria, Libya and Ukraine.


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