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Guinea-Bissau capital without power over unpaid bill to Turkey's Karpowership

A Turkish firm has cut power supplies to Guinea-Bissau's capital over an unpaid bill of at least $15m (£12m), plunging the city into darkness.

It has severely disrupted daily life, with even radio stations off-air.

Economy Minister Suleimane Seidi acknowledged the arrears, saying most of the bill would be paid in 15 days.

Karpowership is one of the world's biggest floating power plant operators, with several African states relying on it for electricity.

But it has taken a tough line over non-payment. Last month, it cut power to Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, over an unpaid bill of $40m.

The Turkish company has also signed a deal to supply power to South Africa, saying it will cover more than 5% of the country's total electricity needs.

South Africa has been hit by a wave of power cuts with people going without electricity for up to 10 hours a day.


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