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Haiti water shortage: 'We pray for rain every day'

A fuel shortage brought about by gangs blocking the access roads to distribution terminals is throwing Haiti into further chaos.

Residents of the capital Port-au-Prince say they cannot get hold of drinking water as water pumps have stopped running due to the lack of petrol.

Deliveries of bottled water have also been disrupted meaning that many residents have to rely on rain water.

"We pray every day that it rains," one woman told Reuters news agency.

No fuel

National Police Chief Frantz Elbé said on Tuesday that measures taken so far to allow for the safe distribution of fuel had failed to work.

Mr Elbé said that the police had set up a security corridor from the Varreux terminal in Port-au-Prince and that goods such as rice, cooking oil and cement were getting through to consumers.

But tanker lorries carrying fuel were not being allowed to pass by gang members blocking the entrances to the port.


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