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Heavy rain, snowstorm disrupt life in US state of California

Heavy rain continued to disrupt life in the US state of California while a snowstorm wreaked havoc in its high-altitude regions.

US media reported Sunday that more than 126,000 households were left without electricity due to the adverse weather conditions, with the heavy rain causing flooding in some parts of the city of Los Angeles.

According to reports, the snowstorm, which started in the high-altitude regions of southern California, will move to the east of the country. CNN reported that more than 20 million people in the central US from Texas to Illinois are bracing for severe storms Sunday, which could reach the Northeast by Tuesday.

Officials in California said some highways in the higher parts of the state were closed to traffic due to "excessive snow and icing."

Meteorologists meanwhile said the storm will move towards Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas as of Sunday with rain in low-lying areas and snowfall in high-altitude regions and warned that tornadoes may occur in some areas.

The same storm wave is expected to hit northern parts of California after today and several central states such as Wisconsin and Michigan and northeastern states such as New York are also expected to be under the influence of a cold air wave.


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